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There is way too much to post since my last post over six months ago!!!!! And there is too much going on in my life! So I will make a list of things that have happened over the last six months (good and bad):

1. Max had his finger crushed in our bathroom door (and almost severed) in November… had to have surgery and subsequent hand therapy

2. Gabe has grown almost 4 inches while on growth hormone 🙂

3. Nate was on an amazing basketball team over the winter and is a great player; and scored 2 goals in soccer on Sunday

4. Max turned 14, became a member of the national junior honor society, went to an 8th grade dance last week; and is going to high school next year!!!!

5. Gabe’s 504 has been violated at least 6 times this school year!!! We have a meeting about it tomorrow

6. The boys’ 95 year old great grandma fell and broke her hip and is in a rehab facility and I am the main person “in charge” of her care

7.  My dad had a mini stroke and had major surgery because his carotid artery was 90% blocked, but is doing well right now

8.  All three boys had a great school year academically and are all finishing up on a high note

9. I figured out that we went to at least 70 specialty appointments last year and spent over $20,000 of our own money on medical care

10. I joined the Board of Trustees of the PKD Foundation and went to my first board meeting

11. A sweet baby boy named Leo passed away from ARPKD… a family I had been in contact with for his way too short life:(

12. I have met two new families in NYC who have baby boys with ARPKD

13. I started a jewelry business making jewelry out of vintage typewriter keys

14. I turned 43…. gah!!!!!

15. Next week I am going to the PKD National Convention in Kansas City and will be a speaker there

16. I was honored at the Harvard club for my volunteer efforts with the PKDF

17. I started teaching 3rd grade Sunday school at our temple and loved it!

18. I will end on a good note…. I feel blessed every day and thankful to wake up each morning and have my three sweet boys in my life



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