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Time flies

when life is crazy 🙂

I cannot believe I have not posted since April!! That is just crazy. There is way to much to talk about and post here…. I will make a list of the pros and cons of the last 3 months:


1. I haven’t been feeling great.. no one can figure it out. I had to have a CT scan, PET scan, echocardiogram, lots and lots of blood work……Most likely it is my thyroid.

2. Our medical bills are out of control! We have already used up our $3000 in our flex account. Earliest in the year ever!

3. One of Gabe’s medicines has gone up in price and is now $222 for three months. It is the only medicine the dr wants to prescribe and does not have a generic.

4. Gabe isn’t loving his daily injection. (see #2 below)

5. Received a very nasty email today that was almost like being bullied. But my friend Julia says I need to remember “It is none of my business what people think of me”. That’s hard to do all of the time.


1. Max had a beautiful, amazing, and perfect Bar Mitzvah in May

2. Max and Nate are having a blast at sleep away camp.

3. Gabe started growth hormone!!!!! (just not sure it has actually started working or if it will…. will find out on 9/4)

4. I had a very successful fundraiser at the Alex and Ani store this week to benefit the PKD Foundation.  (

5. We are taking a family vacation with my parents, siblings, nephews, and niece to Jamaica (hopefully this will stay on the pro list!).

6. The summer has been very relaxing for me and Gabe and I have spent a lot of quality time together.

It’s nice that at the moment the pros outweigh the cons in this post. I need to be a better blogger!


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