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Today was the first time in my 8 year career of being a mom to kids in school that I forgot to send a lunch in for a field trip. Embarrassing and sad. Nate came home and said it was a bad day for two reasons. One he didn’t feel well and two he had a field trip and no lunch! Obviously the school provided one but I’m not one of those moms who forgets things like that.

It made me really sad. I’ve often thought over the last seven years since the ARPKD diagnosis that I’m not the mom I thought I would be. I’m not as happy and carefree as I would like. The last four months have really thrown me for a loop. Extra appointments for the boys, my sister having some health problems, and last week having my thyroid removed with a cancer diagnosis (hopefully contained). Just too much to process. As my friend Julia says “I cannot compute” and I’m a hot mess!


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and the list goes on and on and on

Here is our list of doctors (mostly ologists) that the boys have seen this year:




Urologist (talked to on the phone)

Gastroenterologist (also talked to on the phone)

Rheumatologist (going to on Friday)

Orthopedist (one of the few ists without an olog in front that we see)

Hepatologist (going to in a few weeks)


We have been to the endocrinologist three times this year alone between Max and Gabe and the nephrologist also three times. If you add in my ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, neurologist, rheumatologist, and thyroid surgeon then we have been to a total of 15 doctors appointments and had two consultations in 2013. Wow!!!!! And I already know of at least 8 appointments coming up in the next six weeks or so plus two abdominal ultrasounds, one bone age X-ray, and one chest X-ray. No wonder I am overwhelmed!!! I need a secretary. Our nephrologist said they should name a wing after us at the hospital!! He isn’t kidding.  That’s $600 of copays alone!!!!!!!!!! And its only the third day of March.


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