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Sometimes when I talk to certain people I feel they think I am crazy or overreact or neurotic. I might be all of those! But I hate the feeling I get after these conversations about my boys and their health. The thing that bothers me is that they do “look” so good on the outside I really do feel most people forget how “sick” they are on the insides. Even health professionals.

The school nurse called today from Max’s school because he is going on a class trip on Friday and he has a standing order in his file for tylenol. They need me to drop off a bottle of tylenol for the trip because they don’t have any. Now what they would have done if he came in with a headache is a whole other story!!!! So while we were on the phone I asked if the teacher had his medical file with her on the class trip and was told no that she only has a medical alert on a child and not necessarily even a diagnosis. Am I crazy to think the teacher should have all of the medical information on a child when she is going to take him on a field trip that requires a 40 minute bus trip. I said I wanted the teacher to have his diagnosis written down along with a list of his medications. Seriously. I hope nothing ever happens but G-d forbid what if the bus were in an accident. Or even if Max fell and hurt himself. But her tone of voice made me feel like I was being way too overprotective.

But….. let’s back track. I admit I am hypersensitive (as Matt likes to call me)! I have a hard time reading into what people are saying. Last Friday I went to an outlet mall with a friend that was a good 40 minute drive. At 1:15 my phone rang and it was the nurse at Max’s school that he had a stomach ache. I said I was 40 minutes away. She said she had a left me a message earlier in the day but I never received it. When I got home I saw she had called at 10 in the morning but had not left a message on my home number and had not called my cell. At 1:15 I asked if Max could walk home and she said no he would just have to go back to class. This was a new nurse so I asked if she knew his medical history and she said yes they had his file. But she made it seem like she didn’t really know the extent of his disease and only had the information in the file. I really didn’t like her attitude and said I felt she was being flippant with me. When I finally got there to pick up Max he said when he went in at 10 they didn’t even acknowledge him at first and then when they couldn’t get me on the phone told him to go back to class that there was no difference between sitting in the nurses office and sitting in class. They did not offer him water or crackers or anything and did not take his blood pressure. I was really upset about this and talked to the vice principal that afternoon. I now have a meeting set up with the nurses this Thursday.

So back to today’s conversation…. I don’t really think these nurses are too happy with me complaining about them to the v.p. But then again maybe I am just too hypersensitive.

But am I crazy for wanting Max to have all of his medical info with him on a school trip? Am I overreacting? Am I neurotic? Well…yes, but what about for this situation?


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