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Funny yet infuriating

Matt’s insurance changed this year and we now have to get all of our maintenance medications through the mail order system. This does save us some money but last year it caused so much aggravation that we decided to stick with our local pharmacy. So once we found this out we had to switch everything back to mail order. Even our new nephrologist has complained that when he calls in the scripts they question him on the dosages.

I happen to have a doctor, my neurologist, who has the same last name as the boys’ nephrologist. Ironic. Her husband is a distant cousin. BUT her first name is Leslie and the boys’ doctor’s first name is Jeffrey and they are out of different hospitals. So a few months ago we realized that some of the boys prescriptions were listed under my neurologist’s name. We’ve been trying to remedy this for a while now. Matt’s company gave us a contact person at the mail order facility thinking this would be helpful. I emailed her this week about that problem and her response was that Dr Leslie S…. Called in the prescription for Gabe so they cannot change it to Dr Jeffrey S……’s name. Now how funny yet infuriating is that!!!

I emailed her back today and told her that was impossbile since Gabe has never been her patient. She probably doesn’t even know what some of his medications are let alone what dosages he would need. She doesn’t even know his name or date of birth!! She is an adult neurologist!!

I get frustrated with the little things sometimes because I have such big things to worry about and these little things take up way too much of my time. But when I think about the stupidity of this one I do have to laugh…… I won’t cry 🙂



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