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Third time

is a charm. Isn’t that what they usually say. Well next week Gabe will see his fourth endocrinologist. So since our third time wasn’t a charm I am hopeful that the fourth one will be!!! The first one told me to feed him cheetos and McDonalds to fatten him up and then he would grow. The second one said yes he does need growth hormone but she wouldn’t prescribe them but our nephrologist would. Of course our insurance wouldn’t pay for them that way. The third one seemed like she was thinking about it but kept saying she wanted to figure out why he wasn’t gaining weight and ultimately keeps telling us to come back in a few months. Each visit costing us $40 in a copay and then to be told see you in a few months even though Gabe is hovering at the very bottom of the growth charts.

So on the 30th we will go to yet our fourth endocrinologist in the hopes that he will be on board without having to do major testing and wait a ton of time. Gabe is now over 6 and still wears some size 4 clothes. He is the shortest one in his class by far. Strangers often think he is much younger than he is. Plus he eats really well but just isn’t growing.


Wish us luck!!


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One down

Cardiology went well yesterday!! Two clear EKGs, two good echocardiograms, and two good blood pressure readings. $80 dollars for copays but worth the relief of knowing no enlarged left ventricles.

Today we have urology! Last week was orthopedist that went well. Next week dermatology. Then July for endocrinology. Do we have June free of specialists??? That would be amazing!

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I am truly humbled by last night. This speech says it all….. Well almost all of it. I always wing my speeches and the only thing I wish I had stressed was the lack of hope for babies diagnosed in utero. But I am grateful for the award but mainly for being able to raise more awareness!


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