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My kids love those books “If you give a mouse a cookie” and how one action leads to the next. I feel like I could have written a book like that recently about our doctors appointments over the last year.

If you take Gabe to the pediatrician because you are concerned that he is not gaining weight or growing she will send you to the GI doctor. The GI doctor will do a lot of tests including blood work to rule out celiac and a long stool sample (so much fun) to rule out fat absorption issues. When all of these tests come back normal the GI doctor tells you to talk to the nephrologist. The nephrologist tells you it’s not a kidney related thing because he has good kidney function so he sends you to an endocrinologist. The endocrinoligst is a complete idiot and tells you to feed Gabe more McDonalds and cheetos. You then go back to the nephrologist and he says he doesn’t know any other endocrinologists to go to. Frustrated you go back to the pediatrician who gives you the name of another endocrinologist. You take Gabe to see the 2nd endo and she runs blood and does a bone age. When she gets the results she tells you Gabe is a perfect candidate for growth hormmone but she is not going to prescribe it because the nephrologist is (she claims he told youu then when you visited him 6 months before). You are pissed and tell her you would not have gone through the trouble of seeing her. After the new endo tals to you she says she won’t see you again and you should go back to the nephrologist. So you go back to the neph so he can take a weight and height and he applies for insurance. After a few weeks you make sure the process has started but the neph claims he was waiting for you to give him the go ahead. He finally starts the process and a few months later the insurance company says he did not fill out the paperwork correctly. After the neph finally fills out the paperwork correctly the insurance complany flat out denies it.  After the insurance company denial your neph says he cannot help you. So after the insurance company denies it and your neph says he cannot help you, you become even more frustrated and decide to go to yet a third endocrinologist, a new nephrologist, and a new GI doctor. It is now a year and a half later than that first GI appointment. The new endo does more blood work and a new bone age scan. When you return after 3 months and Gabe hasn’t gained any weight or grown at all the new endo says she will prescribe growth hormone but you need to do a brain MRI as well. Before you schedule the brain MRI you see the new GI doctor who says he wants a liver and abdominal MRI. You schedule the MRIs. Then you take Gabe to the MRI’s, which turn out to be a four hour test under sedation with intubation. The MRI gives Gabe swollen vocal cords and makes you sad that he even has to do all of these tests. Gabe then misses school and the principal makes obnoxious blanket statements about kids missing school and not being able to participate in school activities on those days because in high school kids often skip school but then expect to go to a basketball game that night After the MRI and principal issues the GI doctor calls and tells you the MRI showed abnormal bile ducts and a backup in the gall bladder. Because of the back up in the gall bladder you now need to see a hepatologist. You take Gabe to the hepatologist who prescribes a new medicine but says this is not why Gabe isn’t gaining weight. In the meantime you talk to the endo who now says she wants to hold off on growth hormone because of the liver issues. So now you go to the pediatrician because Gabe isn’t growing or gaining weight.

I think we just made one big circle….. two years later. Besides the fact that Gabe is now in the 2nd percentile for height and weight we are now back at square one.


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