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Gabe is going on a field trtotomorrow with his kindergarten class. They are taking a bus for about 45 minutes. He’s been getting really car sick lately and feels very nauseous and occasionally throws up. I’m chaperoning the trip, but driving my own car there.  I emailed the teacher yesterday and said I might just take Gabe in my car since he gets car sick. Her response was: “In regards to Gabe coming on the trip, according to the school policy, he must be in attendance at school and ride the bus in order to come on the trip”.

This just made me mad for so many reasons. One is I’m sad for Gabe that he has so much to deal with in his life in general. So if I can make one morning better for him so he doesn’t get sick what’s the harm. And is that a district policy or just a weird school one? And regardless  of whose policy it is there are always exceptions to the rule. The bus is not handicapped accessible so what if my child were in a wheelchair? It’s just frustrating that was the response. Not how can we help. What can we do to make this better for you?

Gabe is being sedated Monday for four MRIs. I know I’m stressed and scared and that is making this all the worse, but I’m just frustrated with these cookie cutter responses and no empathy for Gabe’s situation.



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