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Last Friday a friend of mine invited me over for lunch with herself and three other women. We all have children in the same school district. I am friendly with the woman whose house we went to and also one of the other women that was the there. And I know the other two. Before I had kids and was just working I often felt like I didn’t have a lot to contribute to an adult conversation since I spent my days with kids at work. Then when I had Max and then Nate I still felt that way but could often just talk about them. Plus when I was with other moms it was easy to talk about our kids. But last Friday I felt lost at the lunch table. I again felt like I didn’t have a lot to contribute to the conversation. I only wanted to talk about ARPKD and all of the medical stuff going on with Gabe.

I often feel different than other moms around here. I like to volunteer with the PTA and in the boys classrooms just like all of the other moms. But I feel I cannot relate to these moms I see on a regular basis. I cannot relate to their complaints about every day things but also cannot relate to their lives in general. Max received an amazing report card today. And yes, I am so proud of him and know he worked hard to achieve it. But I can’t let myself just be excited about that. In the back of my mind is all the worry about all of the medical stuff going on.

I admit that I have a very hard time staying in the present and often worry about the future. But right now so much is going on in the present with Gabe that I don’t even have time to necessarily worry about the future. Which brings me back to the fact that I feel like I don’t have anything to contribute to any type of conversation other than when someone asks me how Gabe is doing and really wants to hear the answer.


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Bad Blogger

Wow… I have been so bad with writing lately. I often think in my head of a post I would like to share and then never get around to actually writing it! These are some of the things going on around here lately:

1. Gabe had a bone scan yesterday of his hand for our endocrinology appt on Friday to talk more about growth hormones.

2. We have an appt with a new GI doctor next week for a f/u appt. Our old GI doctor wanted us to consider tube feeding Gabe. He eats well but isn’t gaining weight. So we went for a second opinion.

3. We broke up with our old nephrologist and are moving to a bigger institution in the city.

4. Nate has been giving me a really hard time lately and I am at a loss with him.

5. Max is doing so well with everything. He loves middle school, is getting tall, and is just so sweet.

6. Bill collectors are calling left and right for medical bills I am still trying to sort out with insurance. Crazy!!! Insurance is crazy!!!

7. I went on a girls’ weekend last weekend and had a blast!

8. My nephews bar mitzvah is this weekend and there is crazy family stuff going on 🙂 I know that’s not a surprise but I’m not in the mood!

9. Our team raised $19,557 for the Walk for PKD.

So that is my life in a nutshell. I need to be a better blogger and also need to expand on some of those topics very soon.

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