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2011 Walk for PKD

On Sept 24th we participated in our 6th Walk for PKD with the Hudson Valley Chapter. It was once again a great walk! We had our biggest team yet with 55 people walking with us. It was amazing! We felt so overwhelmed with the awesome support from our friends and family. This year besides our team three peas shirts we also had 3P’s hats that Matt designed. So there was a sea of blue and green throughout the walk which was great!!! As of today our team is at $15943, but I know I have $2000 more of donations to submit.  So I am hoping once all is said and done I will be over $18,000. In this economy that is absolutely unbelievable!!!!! To raise all of that money and raise so much money for ARPKD really helps me feel like I am doing something with this diagnosis. And I actually think when we do the walk it makes Max feel special, as strange as that may sound.

If we are get up to $18,000 this year then we will be close to $100,000 for our total from all 6 walks. I cannot even fathom that! We did over $17,000 our first year, over $13,000 our second, over $14,000 our third year, over $16,000 our fourth, a whopping $23,000 last year, and now $18,000 more.


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To fight or not the fight

That is the question!! So here is my dilemma. We are having a problem with the bus for public school. In the mornings it is not as bad as in the afternoons. We live a mile from school but it takes them 20 minutes to get there. In the afternoon Gabe sits in the gym waiting for his bus for 20 minutes because it is the last bus to arrive and by the time they load everyone on that is how long he has to wait. So he waits for 20 minutes and is on the bus for 20 more minutes and often comes home wet.

Here’s my dilemma. Do I fight the system and have it added to Gabe’s 504 that he needs limited time travel on the bus and needs to be the last one picked up in the morning and the first one dropped off in the afternoon? Or do I just drive him both ways. My concerns are that I want him to be like all of the other kids and ride the bus like a normal elementary school kid!!! But I don’t want him or anyone else to look at him in a different way if he is the last one picked up and the first one dropped off. On the other hand I’m not sure I should fight this one and should save it for a bigger issue that will most likely come up in the future. But I’m not sure I want to be tied to driving and picking up every day!!! But of course I am going to do what is best for Gabe.

Of course this whole thing makes me sad for Gabe. Sad that he is wet when he gets home. Sad that I even have to worry about these things. Sad that I have to fight for everything!!! Sad that he and Max have this disease!!

And… I’ve been a really bad blogger! I am going to try to get better. I have a lot to blog about!

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