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How hard could it be

You would think when you live in a big city that finding a new doctor would be easy, but it actually isn’t. I’m thinking of switching one of the boys’ doctors. I called four different offices today and this is what I came up with. The first practice I called at a very prestigious NYC hospital said they would not let me do a consultation with the doctor without forwarding our medical records and me bringing the boys with me. So that was strike number one. The second one I called said I could not schedule an appointment with a specific doctor. There is a team of doctors and they rotate around and you never know who you will see until that doctor walks into the office (also at a prestigious NYC hospital). Strike 2. The third one said they were not booking until September but did not have their calendar for September to book in. Huh???? Strike 3. The fourth one actually had an appointment available in July which I took but a friend of mine used to go to this practice and is adamant that I shouldn’t go there. Hmmmm……. I might have struck out. And maybe my original doctor looks a lot better than he used to!


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Growing up my dad would always call me a communist. He often joked and simultaneously complained to me to get off of my soap box. I always had something I was talking about or ranting about! He told me I should be a lawyer because I liked to argue my case. The main reason he called me a communist though was because I always had issues with money. I felt that there should be salary caps. It always sickened me that some people made so much money and not necessarily because they worked any harder than anyone else. It bugged me that these athletes and movie stars made so much money and then others who worked just as hard if not harder as teachers and nurses and police officers and firemen and just any middle class job didn’t make the money. Or those who didn’t have the opportunities to even have those professions and worked two or three jobs and couldn’t make ends meet.

Money is such a controversial subject. And I still get so frustrated by it. I know I grew up in a fortunate family. I also know I am fortunate now to have a husband who has a job and has health insurance. To have a roof over our heads. To be able to put food on the table. I read somewhere recently that the middle class is statistically more philanthropic than any other class. I find that an interesting fact. I guess lately with all of these medical bills coming in and our insurance paying for less and living in the money orientated place we do I’ve been thinking more and more about it. Also given the fact that Gabe was denied growth hormone through our insurance, which we are still fighting, but that it costs $2000 a month and not something we can afford on our own.  So money sucks is what my final point is!! And maybe I am a communist at heart 🙂

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