The System….Again

May 8, 2011 at 9:02 pm Leave a comment

Gabe was denied growth hormone by our health insurance company. They said he was not low enough on the charts, had not dropped off the charts, and is not in imminent need of a kidney transplant. Just the crazy system working against us once again. I am so frustrated about the whole process. We started the process in January. And now almost 5 months later we are nowhere. Our nephrologist is going to appeal it and thinks it will work but I’m not so positive. I think if they don’t deny it based on those things they will on something else. And what’s the most frustrating is that Gabe has not gained weight in months and really isn’t growing that much taller either. He is about at the 7th percentile for height and the 2nd for weight. And the nurse said he will just need a higher dose of growth hormone if we wait. It’s not like he’s just going to grow out of this. He has a chronic kidney disease and also is deficient in one of the hormones his growth hormone produces (we are not sure if that is related to the ARPKD or not). And did you know that growth hormone costs $2000 a month????? So it’s not like we can just go out and do it on our own. And to stress me out more we had to change Gabe’s medicine for his bladder because he was having some erratic behaviors which is a side effect. And the new medicine cost $56 for one months supply and he started peeing in his pants more. So to say the least I am stressed out as usual!!!!


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Charts Over reacting

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