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That’s what the doctor said today… Gabe’s bladder is unstable and small. So there is a real reason why Gabe pees so much. Besides just having ARPKD and not concentrating his urine and being on a diuretic and making even more urine. There is an actual reason. Gabe has a small and unstable bladder. And guess what? According to the pediatric urologist we saw today it has nothing to do with ARPKD. Is Gabe lucky or what. It’s not a complication of the ARPKD but just another anomaly his body has produced. Yea, yea, it’s s fairly simple fix. Add one pill a day for a few months and see if this works. Add one small white pill to the five he already takes every day. Not to mention the growth hormone shot he will begin soon. It is small compared to what it could be. But, come on… does this boy really need another issue. Hopefully it will correct the wetting problem and that will be great. But it’s just another thing to think about and another thing to follow up with. The only funny thing is that the pediatric urologist’s name is Dix. How funny is that?????


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