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Monday Memories (written late Sunday night)

At least 50 team members….just over $20,600 raised so far….our biggest team yet and our largest fundraising efforts. I’m in awe of the support we have received from friends and family and also very proud of us. This was the best we could do for a family picture!  At least Max and I are smiling at the camera 🙂  I wanted to post our awesome team picture but don’t want to put anyone in my blog who might not want to be there! But wow… 50 people. I’m just amazed. There were a lot of three peas floating around the crowd. I love our shirts. Next year we are thinking about 3 P’s hats….. Maybe…….I also was able to talk about ARPKD and the 30% of babies who die at birth and my hope to raise awareness of this disease.


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Monday Memories

This really isn’t a “Monday Memory” but since I try to post pictures on Mondays I thought I would post them. I am pretty sure this is the new logo for the Walk for PKD t-shirts. I like it! And my team is up over $10,300. Woo hoo!!

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I just looked at my blog numbers and my blog has been looked at 9400 times. Wow. I know in the “blog” world that is nothing but it is exciting for me. And the ironic thing is my Walk for PKD Team is up to almost $9400 right now. That is impressive to me!! I’m halfway to my goal. My goal for this blog was/is to get out my thoughts and feelings on the boys and our life with ARPKD, to relieve some of my stress, and to possibly and hopefully help others dealing with ARPKD or a child with a chronic illness. So I hope that in those 9400 hits that someone has been helped. I know that this blog has helped me and I am glad I am able to write it. I also know that my goal for the walk is $18,000 which is a lofty goal that I am not sure I will achieve this year but am glad I set my sights so high!

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