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I’m pretty sure I’ve posted about religion before. It’s such a touchy subject. I think any religion to the extreme is not good. And really in general there is a lot of overlap. My friend started this amazing website: and this week’s topic is all about religion and G-d and having a “special needs” child. Many different leaders of many different faiths were asked questions about G-d and having a child with special needs. There was a place to post your feelings and this is what I wrote:

I’m Jewish and probably less religious than most. I do believe in my religion and feel proud to be Jewish but most of all I like the traditions of it. I like doing things for the holidays with my family. I like incorporating special things into these holidays for myself and my children to make them special and memorable. Since my boys were diagnosed with their kidney disease (ARPKD) I would definitely say I have turned more to religion. I am not necessarily more religious and do not believe in G-d more or less than before. I just think I am drawn to the traditions more and drawn to start new traditions and hook on to the old ones. I’ve also found myself chanting a specific prayer in my head as a mantra to calm myself down. I do this in hebrew and sometimes spell out the words too. It’s amazing how this does calm me and helps me move on from my panic attacks or fears or just frustrations when dealing with the disease. So I guess in a sense I do turn to my religion to help me find “peace” by practicing the traditions and chanting my prayer.


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