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I often wonder why certain people work in doctor’s offices. There should be requirements for personality when you apply for a job there. Especially at a pediatric office but really any type of doctor’s office. I just called to make an appointment for Gabe to see an endocrinologist. The secretary was so nasty on the phone. She gave me a 2:15 appointment and I asked how long the initial appointments usually last. She was so snotty and said they don’t like to say how long because sometimes the doctor is running late. So then of course I asked if the doctor is usually running late and she again said they don’t like to answer that and was so rude about it. I said we see a lot of doctors because of my son’s medical condition and we don’t like to wait for hours. She was just plain rude. At this point do I keep the appointment or not. I also asked if I could call an hour ahead of the appointment time to see if the doctor was running on time. She said no because the doctor could catch up. So of course I got off the phone in tears. I know I am just in a mood today and emotional but these people really should have some empathy for the patients and their mothers when they call up.  Just a feeling sorry for myself kind of day and didn’t need an obnoxiously rude receptionist to help out with the situation.


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