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June 10, 2010 at 9:53 pm 1 comment

I’ve learned about many new things over the last four years that never in my life would I have thought I would know about. I was thinking tonight about all of the terms I now know and it is very interesting to me. I decided to write my post today with a list of all the words that I would have had to look up in the dictionary 5 years ago but now I know them:

1. ARPKD – obviously this is the first one because on March 14th, 2006, before I went to that fateful doctor’s appointment I had never heard that term!

2. CHF (congenital hepatic fibrosis) – again, not a word that was in my vocabulary

3. ACE inhibitor, BETA blocker , diuretics – who knew there were different types of b/p meds that actually do different things

4. Varices (really scary thing that I hope never happen to my boys)

5. NIH – not sure I ever really knew about the NIH and if I did I probably didn’t know a whole lot about it or even where it was located or what the initials stood for

6. Nephrologist – I honestly don’t think I knew what a nephrologist was

7. CPAP – I actually met the doctor who I think invented the nose pronges for the CPAP or did something like that but really who knew that this is a life saver

8. Serfactant

9. RSV and synagis – I had never heard of RSV or that there was a medication to prevent it

10. Portal Hypertension

11. Splenomegaly

12. Oligohydramnios

13. Cholangitis

14. Ascites

15. EPO

16. Nephrectomy

17. Shunts

18. Nitric oxide

19. Renal medulla

20. GFR

21. Cystatin C

22. Pneumothorax

23. Platelets – I had heard of platelets but had no idea they would be a number I would be obsessing about

I’m sure there are a ton more but right now those are the ones I can think of. Plus there are all of those things that we have had to do or experienced over the last four years that I never thought we would or that were pretty gross or pretty scary or pretty sad: blood transfusions, chest tubes, intubation, reintubation, 24 hour urine tests (inconvenient and smell horrible!!), blood draws from tiny, tiny veins, stool samples and if that isn’t bad enough how about a 24 hour stool sample in one container (you can imagine the fun involved with that!), echocardiograms, EEGs, MRIs, sonograms, sonograms with full bladders and empty bladders, ………

Sometimes I think maybe I should have been a nurse or a doctor. Maybe I would have been more prepared, although I’m pretty sure nothing would have prepared me.


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