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I worry about Nate a lot. He is the middle child and kind of marches to his own beat.  I always said he was born the middle child. He just likes to do things his own way. But he is also difficult on occasion and obstinate. I think he gives me the hardest time. He had the terrible twos, then the hard threes, then the (excuse my language) f-ing fours, but at five started to calm down and then by six was great. But the last few weeks have been a night mare.  He had been sick for a week with a fever but ever since then cries at the drop of a hat and can’t deal with any type of issue.  It’s frustrating and worrisome for me.  I am hoping he is just going through a phase and will go back to his old self. So many people had been telling me how he had matured and I hope that is the case and this isn’t a major setback. It just worries me.


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Monday Memories (on Tuesday because yesterday got away from me) Moms like me

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