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We happen to live in a very diverse city that is surrounded by very wealthy towns that are not so diverse. In the city I live in the public schools are not neighborhood schools. There is something called a choice program where the parents go and look at the five elementary schools and request their top three choices. About 92% get their first choice, 95% get their first or second, and 100% get one of their top three. The schools are all equally diverse. They are made up of 33% black children, 33% hispanic, and 33% other (caucasian being in that group). We happen to really like the schools and the diversity. Everyone is a minority. Everyone is different yet the same in that no one is exactly alike. Get it?? Anyway, there are a lot of people in this area who do not like the diversity and give our schools a bad reputation. And that really frustrates me. What frustrates me is that most of the people who talk badly about our schools do not even live in our city. So really why do they even care and why do they even have to comment. Someone at my nursery school is looking at the schools for their four year old and told me that one of the teachers (who does not live in our city nor have experience with the schools) said she would never send her children to the public schools. I also found out that the director of the program said the same thing. So annoying!! And our boys are getting an amazing education and are making tons of friends. I don’t know why it bothers me so much. The thing is it’s good for me that they live in our city and pay our taxes and send their kids to private schools. I just don’t like hearing the negativity surrounding it.  But really all that matters is my boys and their education and their happiness!


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