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So I work in a nursery school a few mornings a week and one of my students had lice a few weeks ago. Yes, it freaks me out, but really in the scheme of things it’s just lice. And actually kids with clean hair get it more than not! So, it has nothing to do with being dirty or impoverished.  Because the little girl who had it lives in a wealthy town, the one next to mine! We had a lice check and there is this one little girl who freaks out when doctors look at her. So the first 2 times we had checks she left the room. But this time we had her checked since there was lice in our room. We did it for her and her family. Well, her grandma freaked out. The main reason she freaked out is because this little girl freaked out (not when she was examined or after) but the next morning and did not want to come to school. It’s really just her whole control thing and how she controls grandma and the situation and complains about coming to school but once she’s there she is fine. Well the grandma came up to me and was so nasty that the little girl had a lice check in school and that the family did not know about it before hand. I just don’t get people. There are bigger things to worry about in this life than this. Obviously she doesn’t have bigger things to worry about so latches on to little things like this and freaks out. What angers me is how she spoke to me and her whole attitude. We did not know we were having the lice check and I explained to her it was in her granddaughter’s best interest to have her head checked for lice. Ugh. The problem with the towns around mine and my nursery school is the sense of entitlement of these families and how they spoil their children. And the way they talk to me!


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