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My mom really frustrates me. She has had it easy for most of her life with no major illnesses and grandparents and parents who were healthy and lived long lives. Her own grandmother passed away in 1991 when she was in her 90’s and my mom was 50. Most 50 year olds do not have a living grandmother.

We got in an argument last night and another one tonight about really stupid things and it really stresses me out.  I had gone to pay my respects tonight for the chapter member who passed away. Plus I worked all day today and ran around like a crazy person and have had this sinus headache that just won’t go away.  And, at the shiva call tonight one of Ben’s daughters said the dialysis was what killed him. We are so far off from dialysis and hope we never have to experience it but it is scary. So then I called my mom and she got on my case. Ugh! Yesterday she was annoyed because we are going out to visit in a few weeks and she mentioned about going to dinner at her country club but no jeans allowed. I said then let’s eat somewhere else because I’m not going to plan that far in advance what we are going to wear. And I just can’t deal with that! She was annoyed with me because I wouldn’t just pack jeans.  Then tonight we were talking about the car rental and she said she didn’t order me a car seat because it was an extra $12 dollars a day and it’s the principle of the matter but she is not spending the extra money. We are not bringing luggage and shipping our clothes out and do not want to ship anything through. And I am not carrying the car seat onto the plane. She freaked out and started yelling at me that she couldn’t understand why I wouldn’t just bring my car seat. It would be nice to not have to deal with any extra stress in my life than I have to.  My life is stressful enough as it is that I don’t need this from my mom.

These are stupid petty things and in the scheme of things no big deal. I just don’t need or want this aggravation in my life.

Reading back on this it is a weird post with many random thoughts and sentences!!!!  But it’s what’s in my head tonight.


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