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December 27, 2009 at 9:32 pm Leave a comment

The boys had their six month check up last week with the nephrologist. For the most part they are both status quo. They both have 100% kidney function, which is amazing!! Max’s platelets jumped down but I know they can change daily and he is still in the normal range. The liver doctor at NIH said we should plot it and if it is a downward graph then we should talk about scoping even if he is still in the normal range. It hasn’t really been a downward graph yet though. We will see what happens with his platelet numbers in May at NIH. Other than that Max looks great!  Gabe looks good kidney wise, but is now below the 7th percent for weight. Possibly the nephrologist is now concerned but is still kind of passing the buck, which is frustrating.  The last time we were there he didn’t want to blame the ARPKD or the size of his kidneys but this time he did say that it could be related. And I thought maybe growth hormones were for weight also but he said only height.  The nephrologist is also concerned that Gabe is constantly wet and wants us to do a bladder sonogram. I personally think it is just the excess urine he has but will do the sonogram just to make sure. We have that appointment tomorrow.  Overall I know this was a good appointment and things are fairly status quo, but I really wish we didn’t have to even deal with it!


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