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In the spring of 2008 I took a parenting class with this awesome social worker named Julie Ross. Her website is:  (My friend J has a blog and has this neat way of having you click on the thing you are writing about to go to the other website and she needs to tell me how to do this. I would have liked to have used it there instead of writing the website in. But I digress….) Anyway, this parenting class was awesome and very helpful. She has all of these amazing tools on how to interact with your children. The first one and most important is using “I” messages. When your child is doing something that drives you crazy then you talk to them using an “I” message such as “when you_____I feel______because_______I would like for you to______”. Like if your child hits you then you can say “When you hit me I feel sad because it hurts me I would like for you to use your words instead”. Something like that!  It actually does work if you use it in the right way and use it consistently. She talked all about not negotiating with your kids and being in charge and teaching them values through your discipline.  She also stresses that no one is perfect and it is okay to have the 70/30 rule. As long as you feel you are a good parent 70% of the time then give yourself some slack! And the “I” message is only part of it and it goes on from there. After the “I” message then you give consequences and need to follow through with them.

Last night she had a little refresher course on the “I” messages and disciplining your child.  I definitely needed a refresher! I feel I have less patience with my boys lately and have been losing it more than I would like. I hate when I get frustrated and yell. Julie Ross talked about how important it is to not do the nag/yell thing!!! So it was definitely good for me to go and hear her talk last night and to feel more relaxed today when the boys were pushing my buttons!! And hopefully I can continue to be a good mommy 70% of the time and hopefully more too!!!!!


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