Three nice things

December 1, 2009 at 5:27 pm 1 comment

I had three nice things happen to me today relating to ARPKD. One was an email from the mom who is staying in the city while she waits for her daughter to receive a combined kidney/liver transplant. I had taken her food from our Thanksgiving dinner because her daughter was too sick to come to our house for Thanksgiving. The email was one of the nicest emails I have ever received thanking me for bringing them the food. That made me feel so good!  To me it was just something I needed to do for another mom who is in the same boat as I am but years ahead of me as far as transplant time goes.

The second nice thing was I received an email from a pediatric nephrologist who is going to speak at a seminar I am helping to plan for the spring. I had emailed her and introduced myself and asked if we could speak prior to the seminar. Not only did she respond but she apologized for not responding yesterday when I had emailed her and also read my blog prior to responding. AND her response was not just about meeting with her but also talked about my blog and said “your grasp of ARPKD and chronic kidney disease in general is impressive”. Wow!!! That really made me feel good.

And the third thing was I ran into someone at my Temple today who I am on a committee with. We are not “friends” but friendly when we see each other. She had actually made a very generous donation to my walk this year. Anyway, today she said to me, “Oh, I was thinking about you because I saw a really nice story on the Today show last week about a girl with a kidney transplant”. I was so excited because that was my friend’s daughter! We then had a 10 minute discussion on PKD.  Another really nice thing to hear today!

So even though ARPKD sucks today I had 3 nice things said to me because of it.  Well actually four if you count my friend J’s email that said that I am awesome!!!!  But she’s my friend and has to say nice things to me. And any awesomeness that I have regarding ARPKD I learned from her!


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  • 1. Julia  |  December 1, 2009 at 11:12 pm

    Those ARE three GREAT things. You are awesome. And even if I didn’t have to tell you because we are friends, I would still think you are awesome! Way awesome-er than me!

    And yay for your nearly friend for approaching you at temple. You should hang out with her more.


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