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I’m not sure if I’ve posted this before but I often think we were lucky that we never knew Max had ARPKD until Gabe was born. I don’t know what kind of choices we would have made based on an ARPKD diagnosis. We also say we were grateful Max didn’t present as Gabe did at birth.  There are so many women out there who find out with their first child about ARPKD and then have to decide about future children. I always knew I wanted at least three kids if not four!  I joke now that if I were 10 years younger, we won the lottery, and our kids did not have ARPKD then I would probably have a fourth. Oh, yeah, and if we could have a girl! And since none of those could happen, well maybe the lottery if we played, then we are content with three! But I am often asked the question by people with newly diagnosed babies and most especially by people who have had their first baby die from ARPKD. Not to say it is an easier decision for someone who has one or two healthy children and then loses a baby to ARPKD, but I really feel for those first time parents. How hard it must be for them.  And how lucky we are that we have our three beautiful boys and did not have to make any decisions or any choices. And I truly hope that those parents out there that do have to make this very difficult decision about whether or not to have more children and what to do if their next baby is diagnosed with ARPKD in utero, that they make sure they trust their instincts and never second guess themselves. Because what works for one family might not work for another family and what feels right to one person might not feel right to another person. But whatever decision is made is the RIGHT one for that particular person/family, no matter what that decision is.


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