Close Minded

November 15, 2009 at 7:56 pm Leave a comment

Someone really close to me said something today that really bothered me on so many levels. She said, as she often does, why can’t it ever by easy?  Then she said listen to what is going on with my boyfriend. He was visiting his son at college over the weekend and last night his son told him something that really upset him.  And of course I knew right away and I said, “he told him he is gay”. And she said yes. And I got pissed and told her so. I said “so what”. That is no big deal in my book. Everyone has a right to be with who they want to be with and really it’s no one’s business and beyond being no one’s business I really don’t see anything wrong with it. Everyone is different and everyone should be happy and everyone has the right to choose what they choose.  She sat there stunned that I was mad about it and just kept saying that her boyfriend was shocked and that he just wants things to be easy for his son and is worried about the whole situation. In my mind if your child is healthy and happy and not doing harm to others then really who cares. And obviously this father does care or he wouldn’t have said he was bothered by it. He would have just said “oh by the way my son is gay”. No big deal.  Ugh. Why are people so close minded and why is there such a stigma to being gay? And really why don’t people just get it that if your child is healthy and happy then why would you be upset with news like that?  I was telling Matt the story and he said remember before Max got sick how we would always say we didn’t care if he was gay as long as he was happy? Then he had to rephrase it to not before Max got sick but before we knew he was sick!!  But anyway, that is how we feel. I have a friend who made a comment recently along the same lines. We were with another friend who is convinced her five year old daughter is gay. I said to her “and if she is and she is happy and healthy then it will be no big deal”. The friend said, “yes it will be a big deal because then she won’t get married and have kids”. Close minded!!!  And really just stupid if you ask me!

If I had to choose I would take gay over PKD any day of the week. Of course since I cannot exchange PKD I will be okay with gay and PKD if that is what happens in the future for us.  I really truly just want my boys to be happy.  That’s what it boils down to for me.


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