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We have always tried really hard to make sure Nate does not feel left out and does not feel like the typical middle child.  We have always been worried that it will be hard on him to be the middle child of three boys and especially since he is the “healthy” one.  But lately Max (not the middle child!) has been saying to me that I don’t treat him fairly. The other day he actually said it’s like I don’t even care about him. That made me so sad.  I really don’t think I am harder on Max than on Nate. I actually think they both get into the same amount of trouble. But they react in such different ways. Max is definitely more emotional than Nate and cries at just about everything. Nate is also a sensitive kid but in a different way. And Max is moody!! And holds grudges. And Nate is not either of those.  Max remembers every little detail of things he got into trouble for and remembers if the same thing happened with Nate and Nate did not get into trouble for it.  This morning the boys were wild and running around the house and horsing around and screaming. To be honest I am not a morning person. To top it off I can’t stand when they horse around in the house. And I hadn’t made Nate’s lunch last night so I was racing around this morning to get it done. So they were running around and horsing around and I heard Max say something to Nate about wrecking his block tower and then the next thing I heard was Nate crying because Max had broken his block tower.  I punished Max for it and of course he started in on it wasn’t fair and Nate never gets into trouble for doing the same thing and blah blah blah and then they had to leave to get on the bus. Max refused to say goodbye to me and stormed out of the house. Now there is a high likelihood that Max will come home later and say he’s sorry because he often does that and then will hug and kiss me. But I hated having him leave for school that way. And I also hate that he thinks I treat him in a different way. Ugh.


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