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I cannot believe I already didn’t post.  It’s only the 7th of the NaBloPo month and I missed a day? Hmm…. I’ll forgive myself though.  Poopy that I didn’t do it, but really the “poopy” is about the 72 hour stool collection we just started for Gabe. Won’t that be fun??!!  The good news is he does not have Celiac Disease. All three of his blood works for that came back negative. The bad news is that they have no idea why he isn’t gaining weight. And the really “bad” news is that we have to do a 72 hour poop collection. I know that in the scheme of life it’s no big deal. But for the next 72 hours we have to collect his poop and put it into this big container (like a big plastic pickle jar). All of the poop for the next 72 hours goes into this one container in my fridge. Bet you’re glad you are not coming over here this weekend!  Luckily we have a downstairs fridge that does not keep our every day food in it!  I’m not exactly sure what they are looking for but something about the fat content of the stool to see what his body is absorbing and what his body is pooping out.  My friend who has a 9 year old with ARPKD is convinced that Gabe is not gaining weight because he has chronic kidney disease. The thing is though my nephrologist feels that is not the reason since he has good kidney function.  Her son was always more severe than Gabe but that is her opinion.  I’m not sure what the next step will be if this checks out okay.  What is frustrating to me is the GI doctor convinced me it was Celiac when we saw her and it wasn’t even borderline. I am glad we don’t have another disease to throw into the mix but annoyed that we don’t have an answer and have to look for one.  I am also annoyed that she seemed so sure of herself with the Celiac disease and now what.  I guess we’ll see what the poop tells us.


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