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Today I had a conference for work and one of the teachers I work with drove me there. She was Gabe’s teacher last year and seems like a nice person. She’s about my age, lives in the same city as I do, and is very friendly.  She knows all about the boys’ ARPKD but does not ask a lot of questions about it nor did she donate to the walk.  Today while we were driving there we were talking about families and different things. I asked her about her sister-in-law.  She said she is a very nice person and she likes her a lot but she’s kind of a downer. She then said her sister-in-law has a daughter with some kind of disease and has a g-tube. Then she said her sister-in-law is “all consumed” with her daughter’s health and that is all she focuses on and is very neurotic about it. Interesting!! Does this teacher think I’m a downer and all consumed? And I a downer and all consumed?  Personally I do not think it is a bad thing to be all consumed about your child’s health. I also don’t personally think you are necessarily a downer just for talking about it. It’s hard to be a parent of a child with a disease and it’s good to focus on it and be an advocate for them.  I just really think before you make a comment like that about what is going on inside someone’s head you should really think about it and think what it would be like to be in their shoes.


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Awesome He doesn’t look sick

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