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We talk a lot about how everyone is different. Everyone has something.  I do this to show the boys that even though their kidneys are “different” everyone is different. I want them to be happy with themselves and to have confidence. But some days it gets me down that they are “different”. I wish they weren’t. Today we had this meeting at our Temple for the fourth grade retreat that is coming up in November. I found out they will be taking school buses to the retreat and it is a 2 hour ride and they will not be stopping at all.  I must have gotten this funny look on my face b/c the director looked at me and asked if that was a problem and then said we would talk afterwards. She is the nicest person so I knew she would work it out with me. But I hate that I have to think about all of these things and that Max has to be singled out. She said it is the bus companies policy to not stop. I am assuming it is a money issue and that is why they are on school buses rather than coach buses. She is actually driving her own car up behind the buses and said Max could ride with her and she would stop for him if need be. She is also going to talk to the bus company and see if they would stop if Max needed them to. I just don’t want Max to worry about it and/or feel singled out.  I know it’s not a big deal and I could always drive him if it came to that. I’ve just been cranky all week anyway and then this just adds to my crankiness. It’s one of those “small” things that could easily push me over the edge. It just makes me feel jealous of my friends who don’t have to worry about every little detail like I do.  And then when I really start thinking about it my heart breaks thinking about how Max must feel when he worries.  And how it must be for him to actually be the one with the medical condition.  I hope I am doing a good job making him feel like it’s no big deal and that everyone has something.


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