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Max has been really moody lately. He is nine and a half and in fourth grade. Is this just normal boy stuff for this age? Or is it something else.  For that matter Gabe has been pretty moody lately too. He is very whiny and cries at everything. He is three and a half and has always been an “easy” baby/boy!  Is this just normal three year old almost “f-ing” four year old behavior? I wonder about these things and question everything. They have good kidney function so can I equate any of their behaviors to their crappy kidneys even though their crappy kidneys are working okay right now.  The guru in the field is doing a webinar on Tuesday and I saw her powerpoint. One of the slides said something about the fact that kidney function is not necessarily an indication of disease severity. So could this mean that even though my kids have good function as far as numbers go could their kidneys not be working as well as we think they are. And in turn if they are not working as well as we think they are could they be having residual effects of this and could this be making them not feel so great and then be moody! What a long drawn out sentence for how my crazy mind thinks. I worry. I worry about them. Nate is not half as moody as they are. Hmm… I wish there was a magical ball out there that told me why they were moody and what they were feeling. I think Max doesn’t drink enough and then doesn’t realize that he isn’t feeling so great. I think Gabe’s kidneys are really big and he just doesn’t feel great in his tummy. Of course I’m not a doctor and just their worried mom but could I be right?  I hate worrying and then I hate second guessing my feelings. And what I hate more is that they might not be feeling great b/c of their kidneys. And I truly hate their kidneys and this disease.


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