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Yesterday Max had to have a mole removed from his ear canal. They had to do it in the OR with general anesthesia. I knew it was a no big deal surgery but it was still very stressful and very emotional. Being in the hospital with all of the monitors brought back so many memories of when Gabe was born and in the NICU. I’ve often said I haven’t gotten over the trauma of that even though he pulled through and is doing so well today.  But our experience yesterday was great. It was a wonderful children’s hospital and every single person who interacted with us was excellent. And Max did great. The procedure was about 10 minutes and he woke up okay. And the doctor feels it looks like a benign nevus but we won’t know for a few days on that one. But also being in the hospital made me think of the future (which I do all the time and I’m sure that doesn’t surprise anyone). But the future of transplants and more hospital stays and more issues surrounding ARPKD kept creeping into my head yesterday. It is a long journey we are on with ARPKD and an emotional and stressful one as well.  I know it won’t be for years before I really need to worry about transplant but again I wish I had a timeline for things and could plan out the future better. Last night on our way to a BBQ we saw a car with a “donate life” license plate and Matt and I were talking about it. Max said “I heard what you were saying” and then went into a whole conversation of transplants and how they happen and how they work and when and if he will need one. It was an interesting but very good conversation. I really think Matt and I answered all of his questions truthfully and in a very matter of the fact way that didn’t scare him. Or at least I hope that is how it went. 

Now today I can take a deep breath and move on from here.


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