Max is back!

July 22, 2009 at 11:10 am Leave a comment

Yesterday we picked up Max from sleep away camp. He had been there for three and a half weeks and had a blast! For a while it felt like I had a “healthy” son who was able to do typical things like all of the other kids around here. I didn’t constantly worry about the ARPKD thing and just worried he was having fun. It was nice to think that way. I wish I could always feel that way. But then the worry comes back and I wonder what will happen if he starts taking more meds for things or when Gabriel goes to sleep away camp will it be the same way. The camp said lots of kids take lots of meds for lots of reasons. But will it ever be too much for them to handle? Will they ever not want my kids with ARPKD to go to their camp b/c they just don’t want to deal with it all? Sometimes I just don’t want to deal with it and I worry that others will feel the same way.  I want them to have as normal a childhood as possible given this predicament we happen to be in. It is so hard for me to stay in the moment and not worry about the future, or their future to be more precise. You want the best for your children and you want them to have easy lives, but it worries me that theirs will never be easy and once symptoms start to creep up more then they will be so much less easy then they are now. But I am so happy that Max had the best time at camp and had as normal a summer as he possibly could have had. I just hope for the same for the upcoming summers for Max and Gabe.


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