yet another jinx

May 29, 2009 at 5:00 pm Leave a comment

I know I’ve posted this before about how we feel like we are jinxed. Mostly with stupid stuff but also with the boys’ health, Nate having 4 tick bites in the last 12 months (and the fear of lyme disease), our airline fiascos, and many other little things. So today we removed our oil tank. In the east a lot of homes are heated by oil, but we wanted to switch over to gas. Today we removed our tank and guess what we have a huge oil spill underneath the tank. In other words our tank has had a hole in it for years and oil has been slowly leaking out and contaminating the ground. Most likely this has been going on since before we even moved in to this house in November of 2002.  The company we used to take out the tank (which was 1500 dollars to just remove it) said the clean up costs could be anywhere from $5000 to $25,000 and possibly more. We have oil tank insurance but there are some strange loop holes within the policy, one of them stating if you voluntarily take out your oil tank and switch away from oil and do not continue to have oil then the policy is void. Hmmm…. this is frustrating because if we didn’t switch or take the tank out we would not have known there was a leak. We had the ground tested when we moved in but they test from the top and the oil leak is underneath the tank. Our homeowner’s insurance will pay 100% of the clean up costs if the city water is affected.  The environmental conservation agency says we have to clean up the oil spill regardless if the water is affected. Obviously for the environment it is worse if the water is affected but if the water is not affected than we have to pay for the clean up costs so I am hoping that the water is affected. Is that wrong?


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