Kidney Donation

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The one good thing about needing a new kidney is you do not have to wait for a cadaver.  We all have 2 kidneys and can actually do just fine with one. The problem is there are not too many altruistic people out there willing to donate a kidney just to donate a kidney.  Usually it’s when a family member needs one.  I’m not sure I ever would have thought of it before all this, but a part of me thinks I probably would have. I had already signed my license so knew I would do it if I G-d forbid passed away at a young age.

The reason I am writing this is there is this little boy with ARPKD who desperately needs a new kidney. He had an older brother who died at birth from ARPKD and he has it as well. He has already had one transplant, which failed and is now on dialysis again.  Here is some info: We need a kidney for B. If you are interested in donating. please call our transplant coordinator Angela Barber at 412-647-5489. First step, you must have O Blood. All expenses will be covered. I took out his name b/c I don’t feel comfortable posting it. But if you happen to come to my website and see this and know someone interested then you would have the right number to call.

I really hope we never get to that point where we have to beg for a kidney for Max or Gabe. I am hopeful I will qualify to donate to Gabe when the time comes and I am hopeful we will have an altruistic friend or family member ready and willing to step up to the plate for Max. Unfortunately Matt’s blood type makes him incompatible with either of them.  Matt has AB-, Max has B+, and Gabe and I have A+ (of course!!).  But I am also hopeful this won’t be for many years and technology will have advanced enough that we might not have to worry about blood compatibility, although that is way too positive for my thinking!


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