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That’s the name of the “cup” I bought the boys today for sports. You know what a cup is. Nate asked Max what it was and he said “you put it in your underpants so you don’t get hit in the balls”. Hope that wasn’t too graphic. But we are all about the “privates” around here. One thing is that right b/f we left for LA the boys went hiking with Matt. That night they went to take a shower and Nate screamed that there was something on his scrotum and it was a tick. Can you believe it? And I had to take it off with a tweezers.  Crazy!!!!! The poor guy.  And then he had another one on his ear.  And tonight my brother just called that my nephew has an infection in his scrotum. How crazy is that.  If these things weren’t so painful and sad for the boys they might actually be humorous. I think our life in general could be considered humorous if it weren’t so damn sad too. I guess those are 2 ways to look at our life: humorous or sad…. or maybe crazy….. or stressful….. or funny……. or scary…… or jinxed…… or mutant as my good friend likes to say……   I guess it’s good I can still joke about it all. At least right now while things are status quo it’s easy to joke about.


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Hairdresser Happy 9th Birthday, Max

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