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I reconnected with an old friend of mine from Manhattan yesterday. He used to be my sister’s hairdresser in the city when she lived there 20 years ago and then they became friends. And then when I moved to NY I became friends with him too, but then lost touch with him after I got married. He is one of those typical outwardly gay hairdressers who is also like your therapist. So not only did I have a fun lunch but a free therapy session as well.  He’s been in therapy his whole life and had a lot to say. It was very refreshing. He talked a lot about making ourselves happy and not relying on others to do that for us.  Matt and I have had some tough times since the boys were diagnosed and we have been arguing more than I would like.  But last night we had a really long talk and I think that my friend in the city helped me know what to say to Matt to help out situation. Marriage is not easy to begin with but when you throw in 2 sick kids it doesn’t help. Plus the fact that the economy sucks and Matt is so worried about losing his job. So many outside stresses. But we will get through it!

And on a side note one of the other pregnant women who I was in contact with had her baby and he looks good. He did not need to be on a ventilator and appears to be doing well.  He does not have a diagnosis of ARPKD yet, but we’ll see.


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It’s not a tumor Peewee

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