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So remember how I wrote that we are jinxed with little things. And our outbound flight to California was cancelled. Well, our entire airplane experience had a black cloud over it! Now I can look back and say how funny it really was. But also extremely crazy! It took us over 15 hours to get there and over 24 to get home. With our 3 kids! We were supposed to be on 4 American flights total. We did not fly on even 1 of our scheduled flights! Our first flight was cancelled the day b/f due to equipment. We were rerouted on another flight to San Francisco. We were then supposed to have a 5 hour layover in San Fran and switch to Alaska air. Well that flight had mechanical problems and we sat on the plane for almost 2 hours. Now that all seemed bad to us but was nothing compared to our flights back. On Saturday we were supposed to have a connection through Chicago. It was snowing in Chicago and I was worried it would delay the plane and cause us to miss our connection. We boarded the plane and pulled away from the gate and then were told there was a mechanical problem with the plane. We pulled back to the gate and sat there for over an hour and then they said it was fixed. We pulled away from the gate and actually started down the runway. As we were about to take off the pilot put on the breaks.  We went back to the gate with the same mechanical problem. We decided to just get off of the plane at that point. It was now 2.5 hours past when we were supposed to leave. We got off and the gate agent screamed at us that she needed our boarding passes and there was a breach of security. Matt said we wouldn’t give our boarding passes until they got us to NY!  Luckily there was another gate agent who was nicer and there was a plane leaving at the next gate to Dallas and we hopped on it. They said it was full but we didn’t have checked bags so got on it. We got to Dallas but there were no flights to NY so we had to go to a hotel. Well that is a whole other experience. American put us up at the Wyndam in Dallas. As we were going there I called to confirm and asked about adjoining rooms and the man said we could get them when we got there. When we got there a different desk clerk said “there are no adjoining rooms”. I said we were told we would have that and he said no. Then he starts to program in our keys and I asked if the rooms were next door to each other and he said “close”. He had a major attitude.  I said that was not acceptable and he said he could just send me back to the airport.  Control freak!  I was pissed and walked away when Matt came over. The man said to Matt “your wife had a bad day”. Matt was pissed and said “don’t presume what my wife is and we just want what we were told we would get”. He then said to Matt he didn’t need to be treated like a slave and then he refused to give us the keys and started talking to another customer. Oh, yeah, and he told me he was the manager.  I then called back to the number I had originally called and said they needed to send someone else down. Then guess who came down… the manager. And guess what she did she gave us adjoining rooms! We finally got back to NY yesterday at 12:30 in the afternoon, only 13 hours after we were supposed to get home!

Jinxed? hmm…..

But the boys held up amazingly well throughout this entire ordeal! And still want to fly to LA in April to see my sister and her kids!


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Jinx Almost

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