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This kitchen project is either go to put me over the edge, put Matt over the edge, or cause one of us to file for divorce (just kidding on that one).  Over the years of our marriage Matt has joked that we are jinxed. Most of the things are just minor things and then there’s the whole cancer thing in his family and the whole ARPKD thing.  A few years ago we were going to Jackson Hole for a wedding and our entire trip there was jinxed. Our first flight was canceled due to weather which caused us to miss a connection which caused us to be a day late getting there. Then we had to fly into Salt Lake and drive from there. Then on the drive in a mustang convertible with the top down but windows up (we thought it would be fun to rent that kind of car) a rock blew up and shattered Matt’s entire window.  Luckily no one was hurt. We laughed about it and just said how we were jinxed!  A couple of years ago we were going to Palm Springs to see my parents and all of our flights were delayed again b/c of weather and then the flight into Laguardia was so bumpy that Max, Nate, and Matt all threw up.  Last week we were at the Bronx Botanical Gardens seeing a train show and walking around outside and Gabe fell….right into throw up. It was pretty disgusting!!  My fear was more that he would get sick from it but so far so good. The thing is Matt thinks we are jinxed. 

Now with this kitchen project it has been a long slow go of it.  We are now into our 16th week of working on it. Really just little things have gone wrong or different from the plan but they add up: the microwave didn’t fit where it was supposed to go and the cabinet maker had to remake the cabinet above where the microwave will go, the microwave had a huge dent in the back of it when we took it out of the box, the stove has a scratch on the front of it, the whole project is costing a lot more than expected (like over $20,000 more), we need a new furnace that costs $14,000, the architect yelled at me and told me I was unreasonable, it’s taking about double the amount of time we thought it would take, we had a gas leak and the gas company had to dig up the street in front of our house to fix it (luckily it was free), we had a water main leak and we had to dig up our whole front yard to fix it (not free – about $7,000), and a few other minor things.  Matt thinks all of these things happened because we are jinxed. I’m not so sure about that.  

But today we got a call from American Airlines that our first flight for tomorrow morning was cancelled going from Laguardia to Dallas and therefore we would miss our connection to Palm Springs. And oh, yeah there is nothing they can do for us. After many phone calls from myself, Matt’s travel person at work, and the infamous Toby Weinberg (my mom) we are now flying to San Francisco at 9 am tomorrow, have a 5 hour lay over there, and then on to Palm Springs. Jinxed??? Hmm. It is Friday the 13th.


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