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There are really some amazing blogs out there and amazing people who write them. I sometimes wonder if maybe mine is too much of  a bitch fest. I would love to be that positive person who has a really inspirational blog that others can look to for support, but I’m not sure I really have that in me! But someone did tell me recently they found my blog and emailed me with questions about ARPKD. And you know I’m all about raising awareness of this disease. If I can educate one person who will tell one OB who will then give their patient hope that would be enough!  

I’ve been reading this blog about a husband and wife who were in a plane crash last August. The wife had a blog prior to the crash that had a ton of followers. She was burned on over 80% of her body and has a really rough recovery ahead of her.  But she and her family are amazingly optimistic and positive. And have a very strong faith in G-d.  I do believe in G-d and my religion but am not sure it comforts me as it does to others.  I wish it did! This week I came across another blog about a man whose wife died one day after giving birth to their daughter. He is also so positive and has an inspirational blog.  It is amazing how some people handle various hardships in their lives. It is also amazing to me how cruel this life can be and how some really bad things happen to some really good people.  These blogs have inspired me to “try” to be more positive for my boys and not to feel so sorry for myself!

I’ve been avoiding doing much for the PKD Foundation recently and need to get back into that. I am actually in the process of forming a loss support group for mothers who have lost children to ARPKD. Ironically I am in touch with about 6 mothers who live in my area. How crazy is that? I am looking to have this group at my house in March or April. I hope it helps them.


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