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Weird thought

I have this friend who I met because she has two kids with ARPKD. She is an amazing friend to me. Today I was wondering what it would be like to be friends with her without all of this ARPKD stuff. I know it would be so much fun.  Lately all of my friends have been annoying me. I feel like they are so wrapped up in their lives and when they complain about little things it bugs me.  I have this one friend who doesn’t work and two of her three kids are in school full time. Her third is in school every morning and two afternoons.  And her husband makes a nice living and is home by 5 on most days. And she is often out shopping. She often complains about how hectic her life is. Today she invited me over and after we were there for 30 minutes she made us leave because she had to go to Target right that minute because she just has no time to get anything done.  It annoys me. I know it’s all relative and that her worst thing is her worst thing, but I would love for my worst thing to be what her worst thing is.  Does that make sense? Does that make me selfish? Or a bad friend? I’m just jealous of her. Or really just jealous of her healthy kids.  Lately this whole ARPKD thing is just so overwhelming to me emotionally.  I feel like I have a disconnect with my friends and family and Matt.  I am thankful my kids are doing well right now but as usual hate that it is hanging over my head.


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