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This kitchen project is killing me. I don’t blog, I don’t read, I don’t lay on the couch at night and watch tv…. I just obsess about this project. Now in it’s 13th week and still going strong. Of course this is not the worst thing in the world but I am OVER IT!! I will post more soon.


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Back to Reality

It was so nice to be away and not think about anything really for almost 2 weeks. The last two weeks have been so nice. After our nephrology appointment we hung out in NY with my sister and my niece, Libby, and nephew, Jakob. Then we had Christmas at my in laws. Then we drove up to the Berkshires and Matt, Max, Nate, Jakob, and Libby all went skiing. Then we came back to NY for a couple of days and my sister went back to LA. Then last Monday we drove back up to the Berkshires for the week. And guess who learned to ski?? Me!! Wow, crazy. I was so nervous and really thought I would be horrible and hate it. But honestly I wasn’t horrible and I didn’t hate it. I actually kind of liked it. I’m not the best skier out there and am still pretty clumsy but did okay. I took 2 private lessons and even got on and off a chair lift a few times. I took the chair lift up with Nate two times and skied down the bunny slope a few times with them. And even little Gabe got up on skis and is probably already a better skier than I am! 

For new years some friends came up and went skiing with us for the day and then stayed over that night. They have three girls that are similar in age to our boys. So everyone enjoyed themselves. Max and I were the only ones who made it up to midnight!!  

It was just so nice and just so relaxing to be away.  Matt and I got along really well and everyone had a great time. (Matt and I are so stressed about this stupid kitchen project that all we do is bicker) And now it’s back to reality.

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