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My birthday was yesterday, which was a nice day. The boys bought these boxes for me and painted them and then put special things in them. They were perfect gifts. And Matt bought me a hand blown perfume bottle with a dragonfly on it. I love hand blown glass, collect perfume bottles, and love dragonflies. So that was all perfect. But I get kind of weepy around my birthday. Time just goes by way too fast and I don’t want to keep getting older. Plus Gabe has the croup again really badly. I know it’s just the croup but I hate hearing him like this. And tomorrow Max and Gabe are having their labs done for their six month appt with Dr Awesome which is next week. I am assuming things will be status quo with kidney function but I always get cranky right before the appt. I start feeling slightly sorry for myself and just wishing we didn’t have to worry about anything and that our life could just be easy. I recently reconnected with a high school friend and in his first email to me after he saw a picture of the boys he said “it looks like you have 3 healthy boys”. Well where do you go from there. You either don’t respond or go in to the long drawn out version, but either way I don’t feel good about it. I don’t want to not respond but sometimes I just don’t want the response I might get. 

So really I have no big reason to be cranky but I am and thought I would blog about it. I’ll update after their labs are done.


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kids it makes me crazy

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