Letting Go

November 20, 2008 at 11:43 pm Leave a comment

(I was reading through some of my old posts and realized I never published this one and decided to do it now even though Yom Kippur is well over with for this year).

“Letting Go” ….. Is one of the themes of Yom Kippur. That and atoning for your sins and hoping to get written in the book of life.  This morning at services the Rabbi told a story of 3 monks crossing a river. 2 of them passed by an older woman who was unable to walk across on her own. The third helped her across.  A few miles down the road the 2 monks who did not help out said to the third they couldn’t believe he had helped the woman. How could he have let go of his beliefs to do that. The 3rd monk said “I let that go miles ago. It is you who have not let it go”. Of course I might be misquoting the story somewhat but you might see the point.  For me it has been so hard to let go of many things. I have written about this before.  I still have vivid memories of Gabe’s birth and his time in the NICU and of the diagnosis of the boys. I cannot let all of that go.  Plus letting go of my anger and sadness that the boys have ARPKD. 

I’m not sure I’ve thought about Yom Kippur and it’s meaning as much as I have this year. It is a very interesting holiday.  It is all about treating others how we want to be treated and really letting go of all our hatred, prejudices, cattiness, meanness, etc. Sometime I find myself gossiping about others or judging others and then I stop myself and really try to be a better person. We were picking out books for our classroom at school at the book fair and I would pass many books by without looking at the inside because I didn’t like their cover. My co-teacher said to me that I shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover. But, I do find that to be true of myself. I think I was raised in a very judgmental household and am trying to stop myself from doing that and also stop myself from passing that horrible characteristic on to my children. I really try hard these days to not make a comment about someone I see based on what they are wearing or doing and just keep my opinions to myself. This isn’t always easy to do but at least I am aware of it and trying to change. I am so glad I went to Yom Kippur services this year and heard that story and let it touch me in this way.


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