Bunk Beds

November 9, 2008 at 1:00 am Leave a comment

We bought the boys bunk beds and they were delivered last week and the boys were so excited, and still are. We put the bunk beds where Nate’s bed was and left Max’s bed alone. The sad part is that Max really wanted to sleep on top but for now we had to tell him no because it is too hard to get him down from a top bunk at 11 when we take him to the bathroom. He was definitely disappointed, but to say the least Nate is thrilled! I think it was good for Nate to be able to sleep up there and maybe makes him feel more mature and special! We gave Max the choice of his old bed or the bottom bunk and he chose the bottom bunk. And then last week Gabe started sleeping in Max’s old bed. And it is the cutest thing. He only got out the first couple of nights (last week one night at 4 am) but otherwise has been great. And when you ask him where he sleeps he says “in a big boy bed” in the cutest little voice ever. My baby is growing up, way too fast!  So now all three boys are in one room and Gabe’s old room will officially be the playroom and have a guest bed as well. And tomorrow we are getting rid of the crib, which I am actually happy about. I am tired of looking at it (for the last 8 and a half years!).  

The kitchen renovation is moving along. Slowly but surely.  The cabinet maker somehow miraculously almost finished the cabinets after 2 weeks when originally it was supposed to take four weeks. And now is hounding us on where to store them. Huh?? Our architect keeps bugging us about putting them in the basement but that is not going to happen. First of all our basement is damp and second who would be responsible for moving them in and out and what if they get damaged. So, I’m just not mentioning it and we will see what happens!


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