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I am cranky today and frustrated and itchy…. from a weird flesh eating virus attacking my body! My ENT (I know not really an expert on rashes) first said I should be worried about it and is it an auto immune rash??Then my dermatologist said it was a contact dermatitis, possibly poison ivy or a bug bite gone awry, but she really doesn’t know what it is so did a biopsy of it. Then we found out the diuretic the ENT put me on 7 weeks ago is sulfa based and guess what I’m allergic to sulfa. So now the ENT is saying it is a strange allergic reaction to the medication.  Huh??? Now what. And since I passed both hearing tests yesterday (which is a good thing) but am still having the symptoms the ENT wants me to do more tests. First I had a hearing test and then the ENG test. Then the first ENT sent me to the neuro ENT. Then he had me do the MRI and another hearing test. Then he had me do 2 more hearing tests. And now he has me doing a sonogram of my corotid artery and a doppler of my vertibular artery, and something called a VEMP which is some kind of balance test. Well, to say the least I am all tested out. I called the first ENT to run it all by him and he just feels that the neuro ENT is being overly cautious and doesn’t want to miss something since I still don’t feel great. 

At this point I am tired and cranky. Tired of not feeling well and tired of not having a complete answer. And really just cranky for all of the above and then some.  

And then there’s the whole kitchen renovation thing that I really needed to do like a hole in my head and now cannot turn back since my kitchen is completely gutted. And Matt and I cannot agree on the floor tile, which is slightly frustrating. 

Yet again another complaining blog. But, I did get out and vote today and as of right now it likes like Obama has the lead. Which for me is a good thing because he is my choice.


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