It is what it is

November 2, 2008 at 11:08 pm Leave a comment

I know that better than anyone but really don’t need someone to point that out to me. Especially someone who lives a very blissful life.  (This mom whose daughter is in school with Gabe was talking to me the other night.)  Her “bliss” is so very different from the “blissful” weekend I described the other night. Her bliss is pretty much an every day kind of bliss.  Her biggest complaints are that she only has 10 hours of child care a week and she’s exhausted by the end of the day. Did I mention that she doesn’t work, lives in a huge house, appears to have a decent amount of money, and oh yeah has 2 healthy girls.  So the other night when I was talking about the boys and she said “it is what it is” I really couldn’t believe my ears. This was right after she made a comment on how she never donated to my team and will figure out something. Huh?  It kills me when people make those comments. How much easier could it get then me sending out 2 emails about the walk with a button to push to donate.  But that’s fine if people choose not to donate for whatever reason but don’t make a comment now to me about donating (when the walk happened over 6 weeks ago). That just irritates me more!  And people who live in la la land really just don’t have the right to comment on my life and tell me “it is what it is”. Well yeah it is. For you it is blissful and healthy. For me it is somewhat blissful with crappy kidneys on the side.  I do feel lucky and fortunate to have so many of the things I do have but like I have said numerous times I wish I had healthy kids.  I guess it just rubs me the wrong way and also kind of rubs it in my face when people like this make stupid comments like that to me.


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