Happy Halloween

November 2, 2008 at 12:39 am Leave a comment

a day late! I’m so upset because I lost the cord that connects my camera to my computer and don’t know how to download all of my awesome pictures… for the last six months! But most especially from Halloween. I know I am biased but boy are my boys adorable! All four of them.  We had Luigi, baby Mario, big Mario, and a clone trooper. Can you guess who was who?  They all looked so cute and we had a really great time trick or treating!  And really they didn’t eat too much candy although Nate did have a tummy ache this afternoon and it wasn’t too pretty but seems to be fine now!

On a side note: Gabe climbed out of his crib this morning for the first time. He is actually the first one of our boys to do that.  He told my in laws about it and they asked if “Eep” (his blankey) got in trouble and he said “no my in trouble”. He is so deliciously cute!!!! I left the side rail down tonight. We will see what happens tomorrow. We just bought the boys bunk beds but I really don’t think Gabe is ready for a big boy bed. We tried it a few weeks ago and he came out of the room at least 5 times and then I put him back in his crib.


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