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October 14, 2008 at 9:32 pm Leave a comment

Matt and I were in DC for the last 5 days without the boys. As much as I did miss them it was really nice to get away.  That is why the blog has been so quiet!!  We really did a ton of fun things while we were there and I plan on posting about them, but not tonight. Right now I have to make the boys lunch for tomorrow, unpack, and go to bed!

So this isn’t a boring post I am going to add my story here that I won the award for on the jewelry site. The site is The contest was to write in what inspires you and this is what I wrote:

My three boys inspire me. Two years ago two of them were diagnosed with PKD (polycystic kidney disease). My oldest son was six at the time and is now 8 and really takes it all in stride. He takes a pill twice a day and needs to drink extra water and has to urinate a ton. But for the most part he just deals with it. His doctors often comment on how good he is. He has always been a sweet boy but it shines through with this. My middle son who is five is healthy but he also inspires me by his strength and how he worries about his brothers. He helps by giving his little brother his medicine every day. And the baby who is now 2 and not really a baby inspires me as well. He is just a happy go lucky toddler who really doesn’t realize what the road ahead has in store and just lives his life. He takes his medications (all three of them twice a day) without complaining and just has fun. All three of my children inspire me in different ways. I know they always will. I wish I had their strength, energy, youthfulness, creativity, sweetness, naivety, and zest for life. I hope they always have these qualities. 


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