sex talk

October 3, 2008 at 1:59 pm Leave a comment

I hope Max is okay with this post but I couldn’t resist.

I never thought I would be able to have a proper sex talk with the boys. In the past when the topic even remotely came up I would get nervous and laugh and not know how to answer. But the topic came up a few weeks ago and I thought I should elaborate to Max a little bit more than I had in the past. We were talking about having babies and having a girl. Max said we could still have a girl and I said you couldn’t decide if you were having a boy or girl. I then said we were finished having babies. He said something about “you mean if you want a baby then you have one” and I told him it wasn’t that easy.

Then he brought it up again. A friend of his only has a dad and not a mom. I am pretty sure she was conceived by a surrogate with the father’s sperm. Max asked me if she ever had a mom. So we talked about the different options of having children. Somehow Max asked me about having a baby. So, I calmly (not really on the inside but tried to hide it on the outside) told Max that when a man and a woman are in love and married they do something called “making love” and make a baby. He looked at me with this weird look on his face and asked me what that was. I said that the man puts his penis inside the woman’s vagina. He looked at me even stranger and said how does he do that. I said they lay down on the bed and do it.  He asked me if the man gets his penis back! I tried so hard not to laugh. He thought I meant the penis comes off and goes inside the woman!! I said the man has something inside of him called sperm and the woman has an egg and the man needed to put the sperm inside the woman so that it would go to the egg and make a baby. He then just said “oh” and stopped talking. I told him this was a private thing and that different families talked about it in different ways and that he shouldn’t talk about it with his friends. I told him he could talk to me at any time and that he could ask me any question at any time. So you know what he said? Mommy, I’m going to ask you a question you are going to say no to. Can we have Pokemon cards? 

So much for the big sex talk and all the questions!! My mom loves telling the story of the sex talk she had with my brother and how at the end my mom asked if he had any questions my brother said “is the helicopter’s motor on the top or the bottom”.


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